Manufacturer: McDONNELL

Model: 28B

Name: Vampire



Status: Experimental

Country: United States

Service: U.S. Marines

Designation: unknown

McDonnell 28B Vampire

McDonnell 28B Vampire


The McDonnell Model 28B Vampire was submitted to the Navy a bit after the Banshee as a more maneuvrerable variant.


Gosh! don't I just love that twin-boom stuff!!!

The Vampire's name is in line with all the ghouly names used by the company at the time, and also a passing evocation of the British twin-boom De Havilland Vampire fighter.

The image was reworked from a Banshee and part of a French SNCASE Aquilon (license-built De Havilland Sea Venom — itself a derivative of the D.H. Vampire).

Viewers' comments:
  • I like this aircraft better then the Banshee! Nice work. (Mimikios)
  • One of the most beautiful twin-boomer of that time, thanks! (I mean: from pictures of that time, ahem...) (Tophe2)
  • The "Caracal" is a powerful one. This is one of the best twin-boomed "developments" of a "Banshee" I have ever seen! The triangular end of the body is simply beautiful and reminds me of a manta-ray. Where exactly are the 2 nozzles? Between the body and the booms I guess.  Have you tried a merge between a F9F-5"Panther" and a DH.100 "Vampire"? With only one jet-engine and a nozzle under a similar tail and with 2 "Panther"-type fins it can become a real beast. (yvesmarino)

My comments:

A Panther and a Vampire? I have actually... Well almost. It was a Vampire and a Sea Vixen and it's called the Grumman Caracal. There is also a forward swept wing Sea Vixen, the De Havilland Sea Devil.