Manufacturer: Grumman

Model: G-105-2

Name: Caracal

Type: jet fighter

Date: 1965

Status: Operational

Country: Republic of South Africa

Service: South African Air Force

Designation: unknown

Grumman G-105-2 Caracal


The Grumman G-105-2 Caracal was an export fighter especially developed for the South African Air Force in 1965.


Somebody suggested to me that a Grumman Cougar jet fighter with twin booms instead of a regular tail could be a good idea... Although I was not convinced by the idea at first, I gave it some consideration and realized that the Sea Vixen, also a jet fighter with very similar wing sweep, had twin-booms. So I decided to give it a try.

I used two existing (but not very well scanned) three-view drawings as a start, but I practically redrew every single line (I've added the three-view of the Cougar and profile of the Sea Vixen below right to give you a rough idea).

The booms have been reshaped so they're no longer exactly those of the Sea Vixen. The Cougar's fuselage aft of the cockpit had to be completely reshaped. I must say I'm quite happy with the result. What do you think? ;)

Viewers' comments:
  • Niiice. This looks very interesting. It's also convincing. (GF-44Phantom)
  • It is so perfect-looking (Tophe2)

My comments: Thank you folks! It's actually one of my prefered redesigns...