Manufacturer: De Havilland

Model: unknown

Name: Sea Devil

Type: Jet fighter


Status: Operational

Country: Great Britain

Service: Royal Navy

Designation: Sea Devil Mk. I


De Havilland's DH.110 Sea Vixen twin-boom fighter has always seemed to me bulky and visually unbalanced. I just HAD to remedy it my way... and so was born the Sea Devil, a swep-forward wing derivative...

If De Havilland had gone for a more daring approach, the Sea Vixen might have been the Sea Devil instead... But in the 1950s, no one was willing to develop forward-swept wing aircraft. Not that it has changed much, mind you...

Viewers' comments:
  • Lovely! Harmonious! (Tophe)
  • Sexy... (SomeRandomMinion)
  • Tres bien Stephane!  A very futuristic design (Maverick)
  • Not only is Sea Devil a fitting name, so would the name Manta. Forward swept wings are like many unconventional designs, military big wigs tend to be conservative in aircraft design. Forward swept wings will probably be more common now with modern materials since conventional aircraft would shear their wings off past the speed of sound. (ONI-Defense)
  • Ohhh. de Havilland meets Thunderbirds, I like! (David R. Townend)
  • I wonder what that makes the Sea Witch, with both forward AND aft swept wings? A P.2428 or something?  Grin (PR19_Kit)
  • Quick! Someone paint it in WW2-era German markings and post it on! They will never know the difference! (trekaddict)
  • This is Too Cool & Looks like it would fit Not Only with the Royal Navy,but Also looks like it Belongs in 'Thunderbirds'! (arenafighter)
  • An interesting design.  The wing looks almost biomechanical with some anhedral to it. A minor observation, the wing-fence, pitot and pylons on the trailing edge detracts from the look. (Maverick)
  • Sadly, the aerodynamic advantages the forward-swept wing grants, are yet to overcome the structural disadvantages, namely, aeroelasticity so severe, the wings must be constructed of extremely strong- and extremely expensive- composites. (ArmamentDawg)

My comments:

Granted ArmamentDawg, the technology at the time scarcely allowed for such construction. The wings of my Sea Devil are a bit on the thin side and might not have withstood high alpha maneuvers!

Thanks Maverick for spotting my blooper, as well as ferrock2 who commented that "its a fake!, The fences has been removed, leading edge at trailing edge!" You are both absolutely correct, I forgot to rework the fences on the outer wings... dunce that I was!