Manufacturer: TEMCO

Model: 65

Name: Buckskin

Type: Advanced trainer

Date: 1959

Status: Restricted use

Country: United States

Service: U.S. Navy

Designation: YT2T-1


The Temco Model 65 Buckskin, designated YT2T-1 by the U.S. Navy and introduced in service in the Spring of 1959, was the production version of the Model 63, which had been successfully evaluated as the XT2T-1 the previous year. Only visible difference was the wing's slightly modified section, presenting now a slight "M-shape".

The Buckskin didn't fare much better than its jet predecessor, and soon the name Temco ceased to be associated with aircraft, being incorporated in the larger L.T.V. company with Vought.


Twin-boom aircraft are not rare, but that configuration has seldom been used for trainer aircraft.

I used a Temco TT-1 Pinto as a basis and reworked the rear of the fuselage into two separate booms. I then created the push and pull propellers "from scratch".

Viewers' comments:
  • Now THAT is a very interesting idea, twin booms and twin pushers too. (PR19_Kit)
  • Although it's based on the Pinto, you could actually claim that that's a Cessna project for a trainer/light attack type based on the O-2/337... (Weaver)
  • A beautiful shot of a beautiful airplane in a beautiful Universe, I want to go there! (Tophe2)
  • It just grew on me,very nice work.. (Bakerdezign)
  • I like the Buckskin. What would you think of a COIN version? (dy031101)
  • Is the Buckskin carrier capable, with hook and folding wings, or is it only to teach sprog Navy pilots how to fly in the first place? (PR19_Kit)

My comments:

I envisioned the Buckskin as a strictly ground-based trainer. The slight M-shape of the wings (gull-wings) would make it hard for them fold I think.. But of course I'm open to suggestions!

A COIN version was in fact my very first idea (hence the M-wing on the pre-production version and the lack of hinges on the wings) but the aircraft looked so good in blue livery that I left it this way... Yeah, of course, this designs screams for an Army COIN version!