Manufacturer: TEMCO

Model: 63

Name: Buckskin

Type: Advanced trainer

Date: 1958

Status: Prototype

Country: United States

Service: U.S. Navy

Designation: XT2T-1



The Temco Model 63 Buckskin was offered to the U.S. Navy as a cheaper alternative to the TT-1 Pinto, which had not been ordered in quantity. The sole Buckskin prototype presented a twin-boom configuration and its sole engine drove two propellers in push-pull configuration across the fuselage.

After successful tests, it was found interesting enough by the Navy to justify an order for 10 Model 65 pre-production aircraft, which were procured the following year under the YT2T-1 designation.


Twin-boom aircraft are not rare, but that configuration has seldom been used for trainer aircraft.

I used a Temco TT-1 Pinto as a basis and reworked the rear of the fuselage into two separate booms. I then created the push and pull propellers "from scratch".

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  • If I had 4 hands, I would clap them all...! Won-der-ful! (Tophe)
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  • I say that there Pinto is a nice piece of work indeed! Well done! (Kerrillc)
  • Well done - that is quite nice (Robert)

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