Manufacturer: Nord Aviation (SNCAN)

Model: 2210

Name: Fulmar / Stormfågel

Type: Jet fighter

Date: 1952

Status: Operational use

Country: United States of America / Canada / Sweden

Service: U.S. Navy / Royal Canadian Navy / Swedish Air Force

Designation: XF2N-1/-1M







The French SNCAN Nord 2210 was a version of their Model 2200 Aéronavale fighter prototype specially developed to US Navy specifications, and designated Nord XF2N-1 Fulmar.

As you can see, the US Navy had some nostalgy of the two-tone all-blue Pacific theater camo and tried to reintroduce it on that one aircraft. The very first prototype was later transfered from the Navy to NACA for tests.

The Fulmar was also evaluated by the Royal Canadian Navy, which ordered 20 of them as the CF-102.

Finally, the Flygvapnet (Swedish Air Force) purchased some Fulmar which they designated the N-2210 Stormfågel (a direct translation of "Fulmar").

A later version was the Nord 2215, which will be covered in a separate profile sheet.


One field I have not fully explored (partly because I know there are hundreds of people far more talented than I am!) is that of color profiling... I mean REAL profiling, not taking someone else's work and playing around with it.

I did have a go at it on a handful of occasions, and this was actually my first go at it, a set of imaginary variants of the real-life Nord 2200 naval fighter, which actually remained a prototype.

It was a pleasant experience, and very satisfying when completed, but I guess I'm too lazy to do that sort of thing again anytime soon!

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  • Nice work! (XXtraPrince)
  • I cannot breathe! I am asphyxiating right now! (Caravellarella)

My comments:

Meet the improved Nord 2215 and expire! LOL