Goodyear GA-16

Back in the days when Goodyear didn't do just tires... or even blimps... the GA-16 design was entered in a 1946 U.S. Army Air Force competition for a new penetration fighter, against designs by Curtiss-Wright, Consolidated-Vultee, Lockheed, McDonnell, Northrop and a few other. Only the McDonnell Model 36 and the Lockheed L-153 were built and evaluated, respectively as the XF-88 and XF-90. In a modified form, the former became the famous F-101 Voodoo.

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  • Thanks for your efforts, Stéphane ! Just nitpicking : You could add the hinge line of the rudder and maybe the  positions of the landing gear wheels, but especially the latter is just a matter of taste. (Jemiba)

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