Manufacturer: Yokosuka

Model: unknown

Name: Nashika

Type: Jet attack


Status: Experimental

Country: Japan

Service: Imperial Japanese Navy

Designation: J10Y1


The Yokosuka J10Y1 Nashika ("Pear Blossom") was one of the very last design effort by a Japanese manufacturer before the war was brought to an abrupt end by the American nuclear bombings. It used a basic Kikka airframe with modified rudder position, enlarged fin and engines moved to the rear on each side of the tail.


Some people have a fetish for blondes, a fetish for feet, a fetish for leather... In the aviation fan world, it is exactly the same: some have a fetish for twin-boomers, others for pusher canards, and others for T-tails (heaven help the poor guy who has a fetish for all three!).

Well, the Nakajima J10N1 "Nashika" is a T-tail pusher (though not twin-boom!) adaptation of the real-life Nakajima Kikka twin-jet fighter of the late World War II..

This image was created by modifying existing art from a scale model's box. Original art can be seen below right and was found online here: [link]

Viewers' comments:
  • Subaru!!!!!!!!!!!! (Bakerdezign)
  • I love this simple style picture ! (LottonTheWizard)
  • Great derivative! Wonderful silhouette, so harmonious. Wub Pleasant design... And I am very happy to see the original art, so sad when comparing... Congratulations artist!  And you are right: "thanks to war", the Japanese industry did not have to pay the De Rougé patent on T-tail... this was an opportunity. cheesy You could make a Twin-Nashika rather easily, no? to add a twin-fuselage part of the family... (Tophe)
  • Some wild looking stuff there Stephane. (Maverick)
  • The same jet powerplant but different location? Excellent the relocation of the "T" tail. (CUTANGUS)
  • Original artwork by master Shigeo Koike: [link] (Jean Barbaud)

My comments:

Absolutely! Thanks a lot Jean for pointing that out.

After posting this image I realized I failed miserably when I labeled it the "Nakajima J10N" instead of "Yokosuka J10Y"! I will try and rework it eventually...

As for the "Twin-Nashika", I'm not so sure... :D