Manufacturer: Westland

Model: unknown

Name: Wyndham

Type: Torpedo bomber


Status: Operational

Country: Britain

Service: Royal Navy

Designation: Wyndham B. II


I've always found the Westland Whirlwind to be an endless source of inspiration... Here is the Westland Wyndham, a torpedo-bomber with double fuselage able to carry a huge amount of ordnance.

Viewers' comments:
  • I love this marvelous twin-plane, thanks for this addition to "History"! (Tophe)
  • Wyndham in the hands of ANZAC pilots would be a nightmare for IJN Destroyers and Cruisers. (RussC)
  • The Westland Wyndham doesn't need a torpedo, it needs a Triffid gun...... evil (Weaver)

My comments:

And wait till you see it with the complete weapon suite under the wings... It was a killer (of course I won't do that, you and I are anti-war and are more interested in shapes that war...)