Manufacturer: Westland

Model: unknown

Name: Woomera

Type: Fighter


Status: Operational

Country: Australia

Service: Royal Australian Air Force

Designation: Woomera Mk. I


The Westland Woomera was an asymmetrical fighter for Australia.


I've always found the Westland Whirlwind to be an endless source of inspiration... The Woomera is an asymetrical derivative of it.

Apart from the Germans (with the Blohm & Voss Bv 141) no-one really gave asymmetry a chance in those days. I thought it would be nice to try it on a proven British design...

Viewers' comments:
  • That Woomera is beautiful  Wub (NARSES2)
  • I always love the asymetric air/spacecrafts. Somehow the wings proportions combined with the positions of engines remaind me of the golden ratio... 1.618...pure beauty of mathematics. (RomaniaTricolor)
  • pleasantly odd... Both engines operating for take off and final dash, external engine shut down for (long range) cruise, what a perfect design! So delicious, like a Westland #141 but better!  Wub Wub Wub Wub I clapped my hands so hard, it is painful... Bow Thumbs Up (Tophe)
  • I reckon that Woomera would be fast n twitchy! (SPINNERS)
  • One that just DEMANDS being built in plastic!  Thumbs Up (PR19_Kit)
  • I think you will have to get approval on this one from M C Escher! (David R. Townend)
  • my inner JMN is wondering where the port side undercart is on the Woomera? (RussC)
  • On this one you should of have modified the elevator as well like seen in the Blohm & Voss BV 141. the right side shouldn't be there at all. (Hamza)

My comments:

Ah, I think you're right, Hamza! I made a mistake here. Maybe that's why the Woomera is forgotten today: they all crashed in the Pacific waters...

Regarding the port side undercart, as the the Woomera was much heavier on the port side because of its engines, the second wheel was placed underneath the nose. I have added a general arrangement of it below right.

  • Beautiful! And landing is sportive... In case the port wing tip touches the ground, this is even better: the plane circles braking and stops with very small distance of runway, this isvery very short landing (this is the main example of those VVSL-aircraft, you know). With aspirin the pilot even suffers no headache, all is perfect. (Tophe)
  • How about off-setting the main fuselage of the Woomera to port somewhat, so that the weight is balanced about mid-span, a la Bv-141? Then a wheel under each half would work fine, although things may get a bit cramped for the pilot's feet! (PR19_Kit)

I agree that you are both on to something here, but I don't feel much like reworking both the photo and the plan right now! :(

Westlands are always a great source of inspiration to me. I might do a Welkin derivative one of these days.