Manufacturer: Westland

Model: unknown

Name: Jet Wyvern

Type: Jet fighter


Status: Operational

Country: Britain

Service: Royal Navy

Designation: Wyvern F.6


The Westland Wyvern was the most advanced ever of all British piston-engined fighters. It came too late to go to war, and by the time it was operational, the jet age had dawned, so it became obsolete pretty soon. But what if a jet version had been developed? Hence the Westland Jet Wyvern, seen here in formation...

Once again, reality has proven stranger (or more potent at least) than fiction, since I discovered later on that Westland DID consider a jet-powered version of the Wyvern under the designation W.36!

Viewers' comments:
  • Nicely done! (GTDees)
  • Love the 'Jet Wyvern'. Chapeau! (SPINNERS)
  • For some reason I see that in RAAF markings, no idea why, just do - nice photoshop btw  Thumbs Up (NARSES2)

My comments:

Wow!!! You impress me.  Bow That is EXACTLY what I wanted to do but I was too lazy to do it... You doubly make me want to try it now...  Thumbs Up