Manufacturer: Vultee

Model: unknown

Name: Viper



Status: Operational

Country: United States

Service: U.S. Navy

Designation: BT3Y-1


What aircraft did I base the following whif upon? Hint: it was a pretty ugly attack aircraft that never got produced (answer is just below the plan) Yeah, right. The Vultee Model 90, a.k.a. the Convair XA-41. In fact it wasn't such an ugly design... All it took to make it look good was to fit the cockpit of the Vought Kingfisher to it... (also added the tail hook and torpedo).

Viewers' comments:
  • I like the Viper (arc3371)
  • Me too :) (JP Vieira)
  • Oooh, that I really like!  Very nice! (coomradeloganov)
  • +1.  The XA-41 Fuselage looks under utilized. (The Big Gimper)
  • That Viper is a real silk purse! A vast improvement over the XA-41  :P (apophenia)

My comments: