Manufacturer: Vultee Aircraft

Model: V-91

Name: Victor

Type: Pursuit

Date: 1940

Status: Prototype evaluation

Country: United States of America

Service: U.S. Army Air Force

Designation: XP-952

Elaboration: The Victor was created using the Hughes H-1 racer as a basis. The tail unit is adapted from a Vultee P-66. The main wheeltrain is from a Republic P-47 Thunderbolt. Engine cowling is from the Fisher Body XP-75A Eagle. Propellers were completely reworked from the Douglas XB-42 Mixmaster. Fuselage lines and panelling were partly reworked.
Viewers' comments:
  • Love the Vultee Victor (NARSES2)
  • The Victor looks a right handful! (SPINNERS)
  • I love the very beautiful Victor! (Tophe)
  • The Victor is gorgeous! May I request a version of the Victor with a P-47 or late Spitfire tail? (pyro-manic)
  • The Victor is my favorite (Luis Almeida)
  • Good Job! This craft should be in the Reno Air Races!! (sequoiaranger)
  • Excellent (JP Vieira)

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