Manufacturer: Valmet

Model: L-3K

Name: Ruiskaus

Type: Jet fighter


Status: Experimental

Country: Finland

Service: Finnish Air Force

Designation: Ruiskaus


The Valmet L-3K Ruiskaus ("Squirt") was Finland's only venture into jet aircraft development.

Reminiscent of the Saab J29 Tunnan and the Gloster G-40 Pioneer, it was an original, if unstable, design that would have needed more development to be put into production (the "K" suffix meaning "kokeellinen" or experimental).

Unfortunately, Finland didn't have the means to pursue such financially exhausting R & D programs, and from then on locally developed aircraft consisted mostly in trainers and gliders.

The particular example in the picture (one of 3 built) carries the arms of the "Pionneri" miltary school.

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