Manufacturer: Tupolev

Model: Tu-218

Name: "Boiler" (NATO codename)

Type: Jet bomber


Status: Operational

Country: Soviet Union

Service: Soviet Air Force

Designation: Tu-218


Nothing much to say about this one... Except I made it from a Tupolev Tu-22M3 (as some of you figured out) and it's U-G-L-Y!!! Like some kind of improbable mustachio'd fish in a posh Chinese restaurant's aquarium...

Viewers' comments:
  • thats cool, thanks for posting (originalgaijin)
  • Interesting how I thought about a dragon when I saw it :XD: (Roddy1990)
  • Impressive! Good work! :thumbsup: (theF-man)
  • Cooooooooooooooool. Another hit!!!!! (Mimikios)
  • Super Cool! has a 'Gerry Anderson' Feel to it! Keep up the Great Work! (arenafighter)
  • Creation is art, we may appreciate it even if the result is not gorgeous, simply different... (Tophe)
  • Backfire /Boiler :-) (edwardio1973)
  • I LOVE the Tu-218. I think the biggest problem is the location of the main gear. (comradeloganov)

My comments:

Pretty sound remark, Logan... Let me see what Stargazer's All The Whif World's Aircraft 2013 has to say about it... Oh! I see! It's launched from a ramp and drops its skid after takeoff, doesn't need wheels! (what do you mean, "and for landing"? LOL)