Manufacturer: Teledyne Ryan

Model: unknown

Name: Spirit Liner

Type: Stratospheric jet airliner


Status: Demonstrator

Country: United States of America

Service: Commercial

Designation: none


Can a drone make a good airliner? In "whif" world it sure does! Continuing with my series of airliner re-creations using Teledyne Ryan drones as a basis, the Spirit Liner, a would-be late-1970s near-subsonic project, was based on a pretty generic BQM-34 Firebee which I completely reworked (see below right for original photo). New wings, enlarged tail fin...

Viewers' comments:
  • Smaller than the Concorde or maybe the same size, to compete against it in the international market representing USA? =) (Roddy1990)
  • Wonderful transformation Thumbs Up Wonderful little changes, that bring to life a new SST? (Tophe)
  • I particularly liked the Ryan airliner (comradeloganov)
  • My heart belongs to propellers   Wub ... and (very) big piston engines (in line or reciprocating, I'm not a racist !). But because you I'm falling in love fot jet airliners !  cheesy cheesy cheesy (tonton42)
  • The 'Spirit Liner's VERY smoooth!  Thumbs Up Where are the engines though? (PR19_Kit)
  • Where are the engines? (Louis-the-Hedgehog)

My comments:

The engines are underneath the wings, as in the Concorde and Tu-144, but they don't show in this view... (spared me the trouble of re-creating them!  Grin).

The aircraft's size would be approximately the same size as the Concorde I guess... ;)