Manufacturer: Sukhoi

Model: Su-55

Name: "Freeride" (NATO codename)

Type: Jet fighter


Status: Operational

Country: Russia

Service: Russian Air Force

Designation: Su-55


My Sukhoi Su-55 (NATO: "Freeride") is a single-engine, single fin derivative of the Su-35, the newest member of the Su-27 "Flanker" family.

Viewers' comments:
  • Viper plus Flanker I like it! (Jetfreak-7)
  • Tail is bringing back memories of the old Mig 23 Flogger. (Rekalnus)
  • *Love* (Caravellarella)
  • Beautiful, and probably cheaper than the Su-35! Double pleasure! (except for the enemy...) (Tophe)
  • A Russian F-16. Me likes! (David R. Townend)
  • Stunning capture :faint: :clap: (foureyes)

My comments:

All credit due to the original photographer, I merely played around with his work!