Manufacturer: Sukhoi

Model: Su-27Ya

Name: "Flanker-J" (NATO codename)

Type: Jet fighter


Status: Operational

Country: Japan

Service: Japanese Navy

Designation: unknown


Imagining what a Russian jet fighter would look like in JASDF (Japanese Air Force) guise: Here's the Sukhoi "Flanker-J" (for Japan, obviously)...

Viewers' comments:
  • Wow! I just imagine if Japan will have a future plan with the Su-27 for the JSADF (Japan Self Air Defense Force)! (Also the Su-47 Berkut too!) Good work! (theF-man)
  • looks nice. :D (Siregar3D)
  • I dig. Japan always had the best roundel for aviation. Bold and simple. Their cammo schemes are bad either. Just look at the F-2. (Shohndon)
  • Oh, I do like this! :) This Flanker looks very good in JASDF markings! Very nice work as always! :D (dinobatfan)

My comments:

Thanks to dinobatfan for pointing out that the "mountain that is in the background [is] sure not Mt. Fuji. It does however look an awful lot like Mt. Rainier in Washington State here in the U.S.A. Mt. Fuji is much pointier and almost too perfect a cone. It's also just not as bulky looking as this is." Absolutely correct! In my haste to create a beautiful picture I disregarded a very important fact: not all snow-capped mountains look the same! :(