Manufacturer: SNCASO (Sud-Ouest)

Model: S.O. 2000

Name: Roussette

Type: Jet fighter-attack


Status: Experimental

Country: France

Service: Armée de l'air

Designation: S.O. 2000


Another German jet spin-off was the S.N.C.A.S.O. (Sud-Ouest) S.O. 2000 Roussette, a rocket plane evaluated by the French Aéronavale in 1946 and derived from a wartime Messerschmitt study.


The original Komet artwork I used as a basis can be seen below right. I stretched the nose and fuselage (which gave the wing more sweep of course) while keeping the tail and cockpit as they were. Then I cut off the bottom part with skid and tail wheel to turn the design into a proper aircraft with retractable landing gear.

Viewers' comments:
  • Beautiful! Wub (lauhof52)
  • Interesting. Inspired by the Me163? it would be funny close to a Me 163, pretending the latter is an egg-plane joke derivative of the very true 2000… (Tophe)

My comments:

Completely so, yes! Please note that the word "roussette" in French refers to both a variety of shark and a variety of bat, therefore an apt play on words for a bat-like and offensive naval type.