Manufacturer: Sikorsky

Model: unknown

Name: Stealth Hawk

Type: Transport helicopter


Status: Service test

Country: United States of America

Service: U.S. Marines

Designation: YCH-60Z


Following the discussions on various forums about the mysterious "black" helicopter that crashed over Bin Laden's final abode, this was my little contribution to what a stealthy mod of the Black Hawk could look like...

I used a profile that was found at as a basis. I modified the nose's shape, made the landing gear retractable and removed as many appendices as possible for cleaner streamlining. I also added the tail fairing at the rear and blended the tail unit a bit more into the dorsal spine.

Viewers' comments:
  • awesome work! (Mimikios)
  • This could've been easier to produce than other models in your gallery, I guess... (Roddy1990)
  • "Little contribution" :D Are you kidding me, this one is a star in so many aviation forums! dA really gathers some kick ass talentated people! (RomaniaTricolor)

My comments:

This image is purely hypothetical and should not therefore be taken as an authoritative source! Still,it felt nice to see it reused on various forums and sites to further illustrate the discussion, as RomaniaTricolor rightly pointed out!