Manufacturer: Shorts / Embraer

Model: S.612

Name: Tucaniño

Type: Trainer


Status: Operational

Country: Britain / Brasil

Service: Commercial

Designation: none


What if Short meant... well, just that?

Introducing the diminutive Shorts S.612 Tucaniño... almost an egg-plane.

I must specify one thing though: the Spitfire camo on the Tucaniño is not mine. The S.312 Tucano I used as a basis was a specially-painted aircraft dubbed the "Spitano". Original photo can be seen here [link]

Viewers' comments:
  • OMG, I like it! :iconlaplz: Good slogan too :D This Tucano w/ the "Battle of Britain" camo scheme is one of the most beautiful :) (Roddy1990)
  • I agree with Roddy (ONI-Defense)
  • Lovely Tucano egg-plane... (Tophe)
  • JAJAJAJAJA Only from Shorts! LOL! (Alejandro)
  • Very nice job on this one (Hamza)

My comments: