Manufacturer: Shorts / Sikorsky

Model: S.900

Name: Heli Skyvan

Type: Helicopter airliner


Status: Demonstrator

Country: Germany / United States of America

Service: Commercial

Designation: none


Here is the Shorts/Sikorsky S-900 Heli Skyvan, a helicopter derivative of the famous Shorts 330/360 series, which first flew in 1995. Developed by Sikorsky as their Model S-90, it featured new concepts that were later put to good use on the S-92 Helibus series.

Viewers' comments:
  • Good idea! (sideshowbob9)
  • That's almost real!! (McColm)
  • Wonderful! The aerodynamics of the Shorts/Sikorsky S-900 are perfect, in which case I think this fictional design is the most believable. Bravo! (Stingray)
  • Amazing! Please keep making photo manipulations like these! smile (VinceJ)
  • looking both very wrong and very true… hehehe… (Tophe)
  • Utterly brilliant!  Bow (ChernayaAkula)
  • The Heli-Skyvan looks very natural! Thumbs Up (redstar72)
  • Excellent!  Just a thought, maybe graft on an original Skyvan nose with some ground viewing windows in it (don't know what the correct terminology is!) to complete the look? (Mossie)

My comments:

Thanks! However, I also intend to do a helicopter derivative of the early Skyvan, which will of course look very different! The Heli Skyvan is set circa 1995, while its ancestor would be sort of 1968-ish.