Manufacturer: Scaled Composites

Model: 402

Name: Knightliner

Type: Airliner


Status: Demonstrator

Country: United States of America

Service: Commercial

Designation: none


The Scaled Composites Model 402 Knightliner expands on the design of White Knight Two and turns it into a regional airliner.

Viewers' comments:
  • Cool plane:) (Crikmaster)
  • Now that's what I call a "light" design :D ^^; It's a design very pleasing to the eye, without excess, very clean and streamlined :) (Roddy1990)
  • I bet the original photograph was taken in a desert, its obvious from the reflection you should take this in consideration for a better integration with the background, but it stays a nice job. (Hamza)
  • Sorry, but its TOO conventional to come from Rutan's mind. (David R. Townend)
  • Isn't the company "Scaly Deposits"? (David)
  • Harmonious design... even if you dared destroying a twin-fuselage aircraft to build this one, I will not condemn you to Hell: you are forgiven... you nicely enrich the family. (Tophe)
  • Looks beautiful, but where would the landing gear be? (comradeloganov)
  • LOL! I also was wondering on how will that landing gear be!!! (Alejandro)

My comments:

I was thinking of something that totally retracts in the underbelly section, something telescopic which extends far on both sides of the aircraft when on the ground. For the life of me I couldn't possibly design it... but I'm sure Burt Rutan could!!! :D

Anyhow, all the merit of this design's beauty goes to the Scaled Composites team, really. I relied heavily on the White Knight Two aircraft for this one!