Manufacturer: Scaled Composites

Model: 158M

Name: Banshee

Type: Fighter/attack


Status: Operational

Country: United States of America

Service: U.S. Marine Corps

Designation: F/A-44A


The Scaled Composites F/A-44A Banshee is used by the U.S. Marines in numbers as assault fighters. Banshees typically attack ships or subs in "swarms" of 20 aircraft, using the cannons installed in the propellers and an array of small-sized ordnance. The "Banshee" name refers to the unique screeching sound of its two engines.


I have always loved the unique design of Burt Rutan's Pond Racer. Too bad that aircraft had a sad ending, I think it really deserved a longer career. In this image, I envisioned a possible military derivative.

Viewers' comments:
  • Somehow, I think Kelly Johnson would be smiling down on this one. ;-) (Rekalnus)
  • I'm now thinking about making this out of Legos. (Turdy1)
  • Love the forward-swept wings; gives it a futuristic look, even though it's a prop-driven plane. (SomeRandomMinion)
  • Oh how I wish there was a 1/48 kit of the Pond Racer available... (GTX_Admin)
  • The cannons could be Gatling gun barrels mounted around the prop axle and the engines could spin the gun (or constantly spin, no warm up time). I think we are on to something here, quick call the military! (molond)
  • It only needed engines that would keep running. A couple of moderately sized turboprops should do it. You could mount them further back, so that there's room for the gun between engine and prop. Turboprops are pretty light and compact for the power they deliver. (perttime)

My comments:

I believe you're right, perttime, the engines would have to be moved further back because the weight of the cannons would definitely jeopardize the balance of the whole aircraft. Larger tail fins would probably also be in order...