Manufacturer: Saunders Roe

Model: S.R.45L

Name: Princess

Type: Airliner


Status: Operational

Country: Britain

Service: Commercial

Designation: none


Here's a project that was actually considered in real-life but never existed other than in plan form or sketchy artwork... a landplane version of the Princess, last and greatest of the flying boat airliners.

Now thanks to my own personal time/space machine I can go to alternate realities and bring to you a REAL photo of the Landplane Princess to you in glorious color! ;D

My only qualm (but not of my fault) is that from certain angles it looks pretty much like an enlarged Boeing Stratocruiser!

Viewers' comments:
  • *Giggles* (Caravellarella)
  • "Palace of the air" says the advertisement. Is this an airliner? or a buziness plane? It seems there are not many windows (on 2 decks?). (Tophe)
  • I bet the landing gear on such a beast wouldn't be fun. (comradeloganov)

My comments:

Which reminds me... I forgot to add the main landing gear's fairing! Darn!