Manufacturer: Ryan

Model: 33

Name: Fireblaze

Type: Jet trainer


Status: Service test

Country: United States of America

Service: U.S. Navy

Designation: XN2R-1


When the US Navy and Marine Corps were looking for an advanced trainer, both piston and jet configurations were considered. Ryan submitted their Model 33 Fireblaze, which was evaluated by the USMC in 1946-47 as the XN2R-1.

The US Navy prefered to go the piston route and opted for North American's XSN2J-1, the forerunner of the Trojan.


The Fireblaze was created using a stretched North American Fury as a basis, then incorporating elements from a Grumman Panther, a Northrop Scorpion, and a couple of others.

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  • Fireblaze is awesome! Thumbs Up (lauhof52)
  • The Fireblaze is an amazingly good concept!  Thumbs Up (sideshowbob9)
  • I also like the Fireblaze, but to my mind, it's a bit too modern for 1946-47. It looks rather for 1950s: could it be a T-2 Buckeye counterpart? (redstar72)
  • All you would have to do is re-designate it T2R! (sideshowbob9)

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