Manufacturer: Republic Aviation

Model: unknown

Name: Thunderguard

Type: Jet torpedo-scout

Date: 1946

Status: Prototype evaluation

Country: United States

Service: U.S. Navy

Designation: XTSN-1


The sole Republic XTSN-1 Thunderguard competed against the Grumman XTS2F-1 Swallowcat for a little-known twin-jet torpedo scout competition of 1946. Eventually the requirement was shelved and both prototypes dismantled.


The photograph I used (below right) is one of a rare U.S. Navy F-84-KX Thunderjet, which was used a target drone director. I modified the rear end of the fuselage to remove the jet exhaust and the front end to round off the nose (two modifications which give the aircraft a Grumman Tigercat kind of look), drew two jet engines which I incorporated in the wings, then extended the wings further.

The Thunderguard is pretty much typical of all the early twin-jet aircraft prototypes, with straight wings and tail. The creation of such a variant of the F-84 for a heavier torpedo/attack version does not seem too far-fetched, as it would have required more power and the fuselage could have now housed bombs and torpedoes.

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