Manufacturer: Republic

Model: AP-60B

Name: Rainbow Warrior

Type: Bomber


Status: Operational

Country: United States of America

Service: U.S. Air Force

Designation: unknown


Another case of reality greater than fiction... This started as a project to turn the beautiful 1946 reconnaissance/transport Republic RC-2 Rainbow prototype into a bomber. I thought that since Republic had also projected a fighter called the Warrior, having a Republic bomber called the Rainbow Warrior was kind of a funny twist...

And then I realized that there had actually been company plans to turn the Rainbow into a bomber! The project was designated AP-60 and goes back to 1949. So here's the Republic AP-60B Rainbow Warrior ("B" for bispro, to indicate that it's not the actual project). Of course the genuine bomber project would probably not have been called the "Rainbow Warrior"... :D

The footer and "rainbow" logo are real, the "warrior" part was recreated.

Viewers' comments:
My comments:
  • That design is such a favorite. What a shame its only kits are resins' Lots of confidence in the altitude ceiling, only lower mount guns! There were also plans from Republic for an airliner version too. Great photomanip art. (Rekalnus)
  • I wasn't previously aware of this aircraft, but it's stunning, and your version looks great too! It's a shame the recce version wasn't ever made, but reading about it, it would've been incredibly expensive to manufacture in quantity. :noes: (CrimsonMagpie)
  • This is grand! :D I'm familiar with this plane as a recon aircraft, but I never knew there were plans to actually use it as a bomber too. Cool! The things we learn right?! :) "Rainbow Warrior" probably wouldn't have wound up as the planes' name. I do still like it though. :D (dinobatfan)
  • That looks great, Stéphane!  It looks like a natural! (comradeloganov)
  • I need a three view of that bomber now  8)  Would look great it in WWII camo or zipping over Korea. IT MUST BE BUILT!!!!!!!  Wub (Cliffy B)
  • The AP-60B looks great! I love the Rainbow. The only changes I would make would be to move the bomb bay further back (starting around where the prop blur is). The turret breaks up the sleek lines of the plane, but in this case I think it works! (Frank3k)
  • RAINBOW WARRIOR???   I have a slightly surreal mental picture of Greenpeace  indulging  in extremely "direct action".  It comes in the same bracket as a UNICEF branded   Buccaneer............The aid convoy WILL get through. (Rheged)