Manufacturer: Pilatus

Model: J.1

Name: Drachen

Type: Jet fighter


Status: Experimental

Country: Switzerland

Service: Swiss Air Force (evaluation)

Designation: not procured


Here is an imaginary postwar Swiss jet fighter, the Pilatus J-1 Drachen ("Dragon"). Can you found out what aircraft I used as a basis?

Viewers' comments:
  • Wow!! Nice to see! :D (dinobatfan)
  • Looks great! :D (Pixel-pencil)
  • Interesting dragon, while I prefer sharp noses. For the step by step lesson, I am amazed (Tophe)
  • The fuselage could have started as some Dassault Mystere variant. (perttime)
  • Very nice one!  Thumbs Up Maybe Thunderstreak? (bearmatt)
  • MiG 21? (wuzak)
  • Well that was my thought + F.102/F.106 tail. I'm well and truly stumped now  Blink (NARSES2)
  • Tunnan? (pyro-manic)
  • really sweet, first time iv seen a derived 'operational' Boulton paul P.111/120  8) funny it does look like something the Swiss would have designed in the late 50's prior to the Arbalete, Aguilon, etc. (tsrjoe)
  • I recognised the canopy and the 'bump' on the rear fuselage by the exhaust – looks much better than my model of the Boulton Paul P.111. Do I get a prize as I did!  Grin Stephane, you really have a great talent, your work is wonderful!  Bow (James)

My comments:

Congratulatiions to those who successfully identified the British Boulton Paul P.111 experimental jet, which I heavily edited to obtain a brand new aircraft.

A prize, James? Too complicated... My gratitude will be a good start! LOL

See tutorial below right for a quick review of how I created the Drachen.

  • Neat  Thumbs Up (Gondor)
  • It is indeed  Thumbs Up (NARSES2)
  • That's pretty darn clever Stephane, I'd NEVER have guessed it started life in Wolverhampton! (PR19_Kit)
  • Interesting step by step lesson. (Tophe)
  • im in awe, having tried tweaking an image pixel by pixel im truly impressed at the talents of those that make it 'look' easy (as i know its a lot harder than it looks !)  8) (tsrjoe)
  • Ack! He's giving away the trade secrets  :o Nice job on the step-by-step Stéphane  :) (apophenia)
  • Nice. This is like a magician revealing his secrets, to me. (MelvWolfe)

Cool! Hope you can learn the tricks and practise too!