Manufacturer: Northrop

Model: N-3G

Name: Sparrowhawk

Type: Fighter-scout

Date: 1940

Status: Operational

Country: Britain

Service: Royal Navy

Designation: Sparrowhawk Mk.1


The Northrop N-3G Sparrowhawk is an imaginary landplane export version for Britain of the real-life N-3PB floatplane patrol bomber sold to Norway in 1940. To do this color profile I actually reworked an existing profile of the seaplane, removed the float, changed the radial engine for an inline one, changed the colors and added markings.

For more on the N-3 and for the whole story about how this project came to life, check the Northrop N-3 Rocket page.

Viewers' comments:
  • Curtiss constructed front end, nice picture. (Bakerdezign)

My comments: