Manufacturer: Northrop Grumman

Model: unknown

Name: Roamer

Type: Observation


Status: Operational

Country: United States of America

Service: U.S. Air Force

Designation: OA-19A


This observation platform is based on the classic U.S. Navy EA-6B Prowler. The fuselage and wings remain the same, but following a change of engine, the air intakes have been completely redesigned and placed higher on the fuselage sides, blending into the upper fuselage. The tail has acquired two extra fins to improve stability when the aircraft carries electronic equipment. Winglets have been added and the nose made more pointy, both mods aiming at improving performance.

In this new incarnation, the aircraft is now designated the OA-19A Roamer...

Viewers' comments:
  • Very nice.  Thumbs Up (The Big Gimper)
  • Cool! (sideshowbob9)
  • Just seen the OA-19, it looks very nice Smiley I like it  Thumbs Up (Slerski)
  • The OA-19, I could build from my spare parts. (MColm)
  • So what are you waiting for?  cheesy Grin (PR19_Kit)
  • That OA-19 is very nice.  Wub (Tornado)
  • The OA-19 looks to be a mashup of several aircraft.  It's got bits from at least three Grumman products: the aforementioned EA-6 as well as the F-14 and OV-1, plus what look like AV-8B intakes. (Jschmus)
  • Looks like you shoved the S-3 Viking's turbofans into the fuselage and the tail from a Mohawk. (1Wyrmshadow1)

My comments:

I guess that's what it looks like. Actually the tail mimics that of the OV-1 but it was custom made (the main fin is actually that of the prowler sans the pod, the additional fins were reworked from those of an A-10A).

The intakes are indeed from an AV-8B. The nose cone is adapted from the F-22A... main frame is EA-6B of course... No Tomcat involved!