Manufacturer: Northrop Grumman

Model: unknown

Name: Peregrine

Type: Jet airliner


Status: Demonstrator

Country: United States of America

Service: Commercial

Designation: none


We all heard of Boeing and Douglas airliners. Even Lockheed had a go at it with the TriStar... but what if Northrop Grumman had been a fourth player on the American airliner market?

Here is an attempt to depict a possible such design, the Northrop Grumman Peregrine airliner. The design is simply modified from the real-life Teledyne Ryan Model 350 Peregine UAV, once briefly used by the US Air Force as the BQM-145A Specter.

Since Teledyne Ryan was taken over by Northrop Grumman, turning their UAV into an airliner for that company seemed logical.

Of course, some will argue that the wings seem small. But this is only fantasy, right? The Peregrine would not take off traditionally, but obliquely on a ramp, fly high into the air (not quite a stratospheric "aerospaceplane" type) and then come down again, so the range would not exactly be greater, it's just that it would cover the same distance in less time.

Viewers' comments:
  • Wings are ok that size, if the fuselage is a lifting body! Seeing a cross section that size, I lust after seats with proper headroom, legroom and size. Airline bean counters will undoubtedly figure a way to add 3 more rows by using exquisitely painful seating.  Could make a nice 144th scale project. (Rekalnus)
  • Awesome work, sir. I bet this baby would have a great range, maybe greater than the A380? :D (Roddy1990)
  • big big bird! This is the biggest scaling up I have ever seen. Congratulations! Thumbs Up (Tophe)
  • I would have named it the Beluga. (ONI-Defense)
  • You produced an interesting aircraft here. I like those teamcolors as well! :) (Marrekie)
  • the BQM-145 looks loads better as an up-scaled airliner.  Thumbs Up Bow (PR19_Kit)
  • The wings of your Peregrine Airliner seem very clean as these of A-380 are so complicated !.. I love that idea ! Only the fins are ... how to say (very friendly with respect) ?.. not very pretty because too large ? But I love this concept and the job is fantastic !!! (tonton42)
  • I love the Peregrine. Fins need a little work to match the gracefulness of the wings and fuselage but that's all. The engines mounted in the fuselage is a radical departure from todays designs. Looks great! (kerick)
  • are we really ready for a "stealth airliner"?  That greatly resembles a scaled-up Tacit Blue with a few tweaks for more conventional appearances. (elmayerle)
  • Given the nose shape, a Shamu paint scheme would seem appropriate.   ;D (The Big Gimper)
  • Wild looking Design! why does this Feel like it's from Thunderbirds? Great Work! (arenafighter)
  • Neato on the Peregrine!  Thumbs Up For some reason "Beluga Whale" jumps into my mind when I first saw it.  It has a cute, child-like quality to it (not in a bad way).  Reminding me of a Fisher-Price airliner toy I had when I was little.Wub (Cliffy B)
  • No, if Northrop Grumman made a jetliner, it would be a flying wing. (ElSqiubbonator)

My comments:

The recent NASA N+3 specifications resulted in proposals by all three main manufacturers, but the Northrop Grumman proposal was not a flying wing...

Beluga was a really cool name for it, I agree, but that is already the name of the Airbus Super Transporter that carries chunks of the Ariane rockets!