Manufacturer: Nakajima

Model: unknown

Name: Taiun

Type: Reconnaissance-Attack


Status: Service test

Country: Japan

Service: Imperial Japanese Navy

Designation: C7N1


A Nakajima type that did not get its chance to see combat action was the 19-Shi Reconnaissance Plane, or C7N1 Taiun (Ocean Cloud), which was supposed to replace the famed C6N Saiun ("Myrt") and to fly at much higher altitudes with twice the payload of its forerunner.


Original artwork of the Nakajia J5N Tenrai by Shigeo Koike was used as a basis and can be seen below right. It was found online here: [link]

Viewers' comments:
  • Wub Superb stuff (NARSES2)
  • It's like a Japanese, upgraded Mosquito :XD: (Roddy1990)
  • I wish one [existed] in 1/72 scale (Wolfenkrieger)
  • interesting aircraft ! (naturalbody)
  • Good work and wonderful results... Thumbs Up (Tophe)
  • Some wild looking stuff there Stephane. (Maverick)

My comments:

Don't know what I was thinking when I did this picture. I should have used a "B" designation for attack and not a "C", which corresponded to reconnaissance aircraft! But then it would no longer have been a Myrt replacement... :(