Manufacturer: North American Aviation

Model: NA-250

Name: Trojan Dog


Date: 1951

Status: Experimental

Country: United States

Service: U.S. Army

Designation: XT-28G


The North American XT-28G Trojan Dog is an attempt to reuse valid technologies and blend them into an improbable aircraft, but I just love the looks of it!

The fuselage and tail are from a T-28 Trojan (reliable and sturdy) but with a single-seat cabin reshaped from the original; the wings are from a Northrop XP-56 Black Bullet minus the air intakes, of course; and the reshaped nose features contra-rotating props from a Douglas Skyshark, but smaller.

God knows what the turbine engine would be for this one! perhaps a modification of that used in the XAT-28E?

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