Manufacturer: North American

Model: unknown

Name: Stallion

Type: Attack


Status: Service test

Country: United States of America

Service: U.S. Air Force

Designation: YA-51


When World War II ended, the venerable wartime North American Aviation P-51 Mustang spawned the twin-fuselage F-82 Twin Mustang. But history almost forgot the way the F-82 was in turn reworked in the form of a twin-boom, high tail attack plane, the A-51 Stallion, sort of a cross between a P-38 Lightning and NAA's later Bronco.

Like the string of other attack prototypes that appeared at the same (see the rest of this gallery) the A-51 program was dropped when the attack mission was abandoned by the newly formed U.S. Air Force, and only three YA-51 aircraft were built.


When I like a design I did in photo form, sometimes I just can't resist doing the plan too! So here is also the "blueprint", so to speak, of the Stallion...

Viewers' comments:
  • Dude! Genius concept! :D (Pixel-pencil)
  • Good! (Alejandro)
  • Oh Hell Yeah!  :) (dy031101)
  • LOVE the A-51!!!!!!  IT must be built! (Cliffy B)
  • Wow! What a beauty!  :-* That might just be the most aesthetically pleasing Mustang whif out there!  :-*  :-*  As Cliffy B said, it HAS to be built. (ChernayaAkula)
  • Gorgeous!!  Have you tried seeing what a "razorback" center pod would look like? (elmayerle)
  • Love the A-51 :) (GTX_Admin)
  • I love your A-51. What a beauty! Wonderful views. Very beautiful addition to the Mustang family, thanks! (Tophe)
  • This is a very well done blending of the F-82, and OV-10 Bronco, mixed with a little P-38 styling for good measure. It looks like quite the stout, maneuverable, tough aircraft. It would have been cool to see it fly and fight. your talent and imagination never cease to amaze me! :D (dinobatfan)
  • I am in awe of the A-51! (TBD)
  • I see a P-83 essence in the center pod as well.  Was that intentional?  Either way, the A-51 is awesome. (Acree)
  • Nifty concept. I never liked the aesthetics of the twin Mustang, flying from one pod always seemed odd somehow. (Alvis 3.1)
  • I'm not a big fan of the Mustang, but the twin variation  you did is really striking. (Dr. Yokai)
  • A-51:  brilliant work, so real looking, love it    :-* (finsrin)
  • Very well done ;) And to think such design was "possible" back then...too bad no one had the idea :P
  • I have always wanted to see a F-82 set up like the A-51 is great job in getting this pic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (blueace1986)
  • I'd rework the landing gear [and] give it the landing gear of a P-39 (BTR90)
  • A-51 is the boss! I can't help it but what would a two seater with a radar nose look like? This begs for a SEAC with a Skyraider bomb load. (kerick)
  • the A-51's TERRIFIC!  Thumbs Up Bow (PR19_Kit)
  • Love the design. Probably should have a fictional A-37 designation rather than an A-51. I probably would have used the name of a Native American tribe or Native American leader. Crazy Horse? (Triton)
  • That is lovely  Thumbs Up (NARSES2)
  • Wonderful, just wonderful!  Thumbs Up (PR19_Kit)
  • Luv it. Maybe the fate of one my stashed F-82s.  :) (The Big Gimper)
  • hehe, you are soo going to cause some headaches for later historians and enthusiasts Stephane  evil i just love that NA. Stallion, just wondering who will be first to reproduce it in plastic  :D (tsrjoe)
  • The A-51/A-82 just went into my "gotta do this soon" file. SEAC paint job like the COIN Invaders. (kerick)
  • In these years I have collected some  images of twin boom Mustangs suggestions looking here and there in the forums but this is the first time that I see a truly buildable version. This version is really ok. (G.Marcat)
  • Love it. To me, it has more of the flare of a tigercat vs that of the p-82. The one aesthetic of the tigercat that few planes have is the front view. From the front, the props look like they are as wide as the wing. The nacelles are larger than the fuselage. Engineering criteria, TWO BIG ENGINES, enough wing to hold them up, and "oh yeah" put a pilot in there in the least cross section possible. the A-51 is a great assembly piece. I never thought about the P-51 fuselage being that lean for a twin boom config. (DonDeCerveza)
  • First rate ! A most logical 'evolution', kudos ! (PatronZero)
  • As pretty as the F-82 twin or just a bit better. Maybe a long-wing snooper version? (Rekalnus)
  •  It's awesome (Ronnie Olsthoorn)
  • This is pure win! (comradeloganov)
  • Nice! Not a Bronco, but a Mustang! (Alejandro)

My comments:

Yes, Alejandro, there was obviously an intention to play with the words "Mustang" and "Bronco" here by creating a "Stallion". Very good observation!

Some of you have also expressed some concern about technical issues:

  • I do have a technical concern, though. I'm not quite sure where you need to have the center of gravity on that wing. My eyeball guesstimations say that the main wheels are still forward of that point... meaning that it is still a taildragger, whether the pilot likes it or not. ... and the front wheel merely works as a stoppie bar  Shocked looking at some P-38 profiles ... the wheel axle seems to be closer to the 50% wing chord position. P-61/F-15 Reporter has the wheels further back too, as well as Hughes XF-11. If the main wheels must be moved further back, that might necessitate shortening the radiator scoop. P-51 D models seem to have the scoop starting further back than later Mustang models and the twin. (perttime)
  • I think the prop clearance for the center pod would be dangerously close, but other than that, this is just plain gorgeous, Stéphane! It's an absolutely lovely, believable piece of work! Gorgeous 3 view! I'd love to see some more doctored P-82 images to show it from other angles! (comradeloganov)

Actually while working on the plan I realized I had made a BIG mistake when placing the wing root on the center pod. Should be much further to the bottom. The plan is correct, not the photo. As for the wheel train and intake, some more thinking needs to be given to it, but why not?

On the subject of propeller clearance, the kind of fuselage I had in mind was more like the narrow type of the Grumman Tigercat, since it doesn't house an engine anymore... but of course it might not be enough. Those who wish to turn it into plastic will have to make sure it's feasible, otherwise some additional work might have to be done on pushing the boom apart from each other.

As for the long wing version, nothing in the plans as of now, but you never know...

Thanks to you all. This seems to have been a favorite, not only with the people who previously saw it on other webpages, but also with me (as it is one of my prefered works). Undoubtedly the most commented upon of my works!