Manufacturer: NORTH AMERICAN

Model: unknown

Name: Sidearm / Poignard


Date: 1963

Status: Operational

Country: United States of America / U.K. / France

Service: USAF / RAF / Aéronavale

Designation: YA-52A / Poignard


In the 1950s, many aviation companies used names of various types of blades for their jet aircraft: ArrowCutlassDaggerDartStiletto... The North American Aviation Sidearm is a fictitious attack aircraft which was obtained by applying a 65% horizontal shrink to that company's F-108 Rapier fighter. The French Aéronavale variant is called the Poignard, which is a direct translation of "Sidearm".

NOTE: I used the profile of the Rapier drawn by Bagera3005 as a basis (see bottom right) and simply squashed it horizontally to obtain a smaller attack aircraft...

Viewers' comments:
  • Yeah, I thought this looked a lot like the F-108. Man, does it ever look good in each of these schemes!!! Great imagining as usual! :) (dinobatfan)
  • Nice Side view of this kind of fighter! (theF-man)
  • Cool & Well Done! Think you might do a Sidearm in 'TOP GUN' Markings like the Enemy Planes Wear? (arenafighter)

My comments: Now that's a thought...