Manufacturer: North American

Model: unknown

Name: Ravage

Type: Jet attack-bomber


Status: Service test

Country: United States of America

Service: U.S. Air Force

Designation: unknown


As I often write at the bottom of my deviantART pages, don't believe everything you read or see... The above brochure does NOT exist... simply because the North American Ravage dive bomber is also a product of my imagination! The aircraft was completely re-worked from an existing aircraft type. Can you guess which?

Viewers' comments:
  • Guessing a US base. The horizontal stabilizer position location, probably something in the F-94 lineage, either earlier or later. I'm at a loss for the swept tail surfaces. U2 aft? (DonDeCerveza)
  • Reworked from a F-84F? (GTX_Admin)
  • Some F-84, Thunderchief, The podded engines are baffling me. This could very easily be in the same class and era as the EE Canberra. (Rekalnus)
  • Is it an English Electric Lightning? (duraluminwolf)
  • B-45 Tornado base, Super Sabre canopy, plus AJ Savage tip tanks ... ? (apophenia)
  • I don't know,the wing mounted engines remind of Me-262 engines. All I can say,it's nicely done photo manipulation. (Bakerdezign)
  • Nice job on this one. Looks like a little of the Canberra is in there as well. I love the modifications you do to some aircraft. Some are hard to see like this one. (GF-44Phantom)
  • Looks like f-84 Thunderjet and Thunderstreak. I forgot to say nice brochure. Thumbs Up (TallEng)
  • The F-84 influence caught my eye right away! Nice Job! I would argue that it looks like an F-84F from the cockpit forward... (CerebralPizza)
  • Way cool. Totally 1950's style excellence  8) (finsrin)
  • I wonder what you'd get for that on e-bay Grin Another great whif, in another great package! (Sticky Fingers)
  • Very clever and VERY well done.  Thumbs Up Bow Where does it carry the bombs? (PR19_Kit)
  • Since it's a divebomber, in name, I would imagine that it has a narrow bay running along the length, and the intake pipe splits aorund it like it does the cockpit. (Sauragnmon)
  • I'm very impressed all the aircraft that went into this! You sure do know your planes and sure can mix and match the pieces very grandly!! :D I hope you will keep on with this line of art. While I may not figure out all the planes you mix, it sure is fun trying! :D(dinobatfan)

My comments:

I know the whole thing has got an F-84 feel, but the only part that is actually from a Thunderjet is the fore part of the wing's engine... But many of you were correct in assuming the base is American.

Okay folks, now it's time for the answer... Original photo was of a North American B-45 Tornado [link]. What I did:

  1. Manual rearward sweep of the wing, tail stabilizers and fin.
  2. Split of the underbelly podded jet and integration into nose and tail.
  3. Replacement of the wing pod's dual intakes by an F-84 Thunderjet's nose cowling.
  4. Addition of a wingtip tank snatched from an AJ-2 Savage.
  5. Replacement of cockpit by that of an F-105 Thunderchief.
  6. Modification of serial numbers.
  7. Recreation of a fake brochure using original "NAA", "North American Aviation" and "Savage" logos.

By looking at the aircraft's buzz number's prefix "BE-" I guess one could have found what type I used, since I completely forgot to modify it!!