Manufacturer: Miles Aircraft

Model: M.39C

Name: Libellula

Type: Fighter

Date: 1942

Status: Experimental

Country: United Kingdom

Service: Royal Air Force

Designation: Libellula III


The Miles M.39B Libellula prototype didn't prove satisfactory in tractor configuration, but the Canadian government was interested in an improved version; as a result, Miles proposed the pusher M.39C Libellula III.

And as Canada did not want to put all their eggs in one basket they also asked Curtiss-Wright to work on an improved variant of the XP-55 which was designated P-55B by the USAF and lend-leased to RCAF, which evaluated it as the Ascender I.


I used the photo of the M.39B Libellula prototype (below right) and reworked it with engines in a pusher position and no tail fin.

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