Manufacturer: Mil Helicopters

Model: Mi-6

Name: "Hook" (NATO codename)

Type: Multipurpose helicopter

Date: 1965

Status: Evaluation

Country: U.S. (Soviet Union)

Service: USAF / Navy / CG / MC

Designation: H-44


Here is a set of fakes I did using the Soviet Mil Mi-6 helicopter in U.S. markings. The first one is a U.S. Coast Guard rescue helicopter, the second one is a U.S. Marines transport, while the third one is a specially-modified version for U.S. Navy as a drone-director helicopter!

I have used the as-yet undocumented "H-44" DoD designation (which we know refered to a USAF "project Big Tom") and assumed that the large helicopter could be that "Big Tom", evaluated by the U.S. after a squadron of them deserted from the East.

In my scenario, the USAF would be leading the project and share the evaluation of the six prototypes with the other armed forces.

Top to bottom: the U.S.C.G. YHH-44D, the U.S.M.C. YCH-44B, and the sole U.S. Navy YDH-44C. I haven't done the Air Force's "A" version but may do so eventually... Hope you like these!

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  • This is so cool and looks so real!!! Your skills with this type of material are just so outstanding and very creative!!! I truly am a great fan of your art! :) Keep up the great fun! :zest: (dinobatfan)

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