Model: 234B

Name: Panther


Date: 1954

Status: Operational use

Country: United Kingdom (USA)

Service: Royal Air Force

Designation: Panther I


This transformation of the Martin XB-51 prototype into a British operational type was done at the suggestion of Logan Hartke (comradeloganov), who wanted me to fake a real photo from the Farnborough airshow of a Handley Page that was landing, by adding the Martin bomber on the tarmac line.

I don't often provide the how-to to my photo-editing works. Not that I wish to keep it a secret... it's just that the deviantART format doesn't make it too easy to upload several images in the same page, and you have to create an extra large single file if you wish to share a step-by-step creation process.

The image on this page is not quite a tutorial (I'd need screen captures of every step of the creative process, which I have never done) but it gives some idea of how a project comes to life. Hope this helps and inspires you for your own work! And don't hesitate to comment and ask questions.

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  • i [like?] what you do (lanath)

My comments:

Logan Hartke (a.k.a. comradeloganov) has recently further developed the Handley-Page Panther concept by producing a superlative color profile of a Mk. II variant: [link].