Manufacturer: LTV Corporation

Model: V-498

Name: Bluebird

Type: VTOL airliner


Status: Operational

Country: United States of America

Service: Commercial (New York Airlines)

Designation: none


The LTV V-498 Bluebird  was produced in small numbers for a few regional airlines in the U.S. and Canada, such as the now defunct New York Airways, seen here.


Some may remember my Vought-Sikorsky Shrike... Well, this is another take on the LTV XC-142 concept.

As shown by the original photo (below right) I started from an XC-142 but changed the whole fuselage, made it sleeker and added length to it. I also moved the empennage up to form one of those T-tails I cherish so much. I really couldn't say where I got the new cockpit from, though I believe part of it was redone with digital tools.

The result is what I consider a rather beautiful aircraft, and the name Bluebird (which belonged to Vought's very first aircraft) seemed perfect for it.

Viewers' comments:
  • Nifty looking ship. (Maverick)
  • Another beautifully crafted work of art. Great job! (Stingray)
  • The advertisement style gives a very realistic feel. (SuperStallion)
  • The advertisement says it is flying, and this photograph proves it completely, so: why are you classifying it in unreal machines? making a photograph is not high merit, I am very disappointed. Don't pretend this is fake, there is photograph proof, evidence! (hehehe Wink) (Tophe)
  • Great concept. Always liked the idea of skyscraper roofs as aero terminals. I suppose Sept 11 put the lid on that for awhile, but would not mind seeing urban transport ideas come up again. (RussC)

My comments:

Can't speak for the whole planet, but what pretty much killed rooftop terminals for NYC was a combination of two factors: the high noise of the helicopters and a Sikorsky S-58 crash that killed 5 people and injured 8 more, in the early 60s I think.

After posting this image on the web I realized that there is quite a blooper here... I used a NYC photograph with a building in the middle that could NOT exist at the time of New York Airways... :(