Manufacturer: Lockheed Martin

Model: unknown

Name: Black Crow

Type: Fighter-bomber


Status: Experimental

Country: United States

Service: U.S. Air Force

Designation: XF-38A


Ever wondered what a cross between a Blackbird and a Fighting Falcon XL would look like? Of course not. Combining an F-16 and an SR-71 into one single fighter is kind of a crazy idea, right?

Well, anyway, that's what it would look like... This image was reworked from a NASA photograph depicting the Blackbird and F-16XL in flight (see below right). On seeing that beautiful photo I felt an irrepressible urge to mash them up... it didn't work out too badly I guess! (though I wonder what kind of a backup story I could possibly write for this one!)

Note the totally non-standard use of the old "X" prefix denoting pure experimental work...

Viewers' comments:
  • Arrrgh! You cannot .... I mean the F-16XL is so ... and the SR-71 ... and you went and ... and the missile rail on that wing, too ... it is so ... ;) :D :p :o :) (perttime)
  • I bet it would be much cheaper to operate as a spy plane than the SR-71 =P (Roddy1990)
  • Nice concept! (Rekalnus)
  • Super Sweet & Superb Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Why do i almost see this as being Featured in Either Battletech or an Episode of Thunderbirds? This is Too Cool,Great Work Stephane! (Cobra)
  • Very beautiful, thanks! :-* (Tophe)
  • Looks a little like some of the early ATF concepts. (GTX_Admin)
  • agree with Greg on that one, thinking Lockheed CL. ATF. pre definition designs as soon as i saw your hybrid 'Black Crow', again very neat work Stephane  8) (tsrjoe)
  • That XF-38 is a sexy craft!  :-* (ChernayaAkula)
  • Oh yeah, this is sure drool worthy! :D Did Lockheed Martin build this perhaps in response to the Russian's MIG-31 Firefox program? :D (dinobatfan)
  • LOL Ah yeah, that's a jet I'll be flying! XD I'll just think I'm flying the Black Bird ^^ That's an awesome photomanip work you did:dummy: (Atalix)
  • Love it :-) (edwardio1973)
  • What a beautiful concept  Thumbs Up  Can you please make it all black with a "Jolly Roger" on the tail?  For some reason, the name "Black Crow" conjures up images of pirates... (cptmike2011)

My comments:

Now THAT's a thought!! Thumbs Up

And thanks to McColm who wrote "I'm building one those at the moment: using the F-16B cockpit from a 1/72 Airfix kit, fuselage 1/100 Monograme SR-71, verticle fins from 1/72 Airfix kit tail elevators, forward swept canards from a 1/72 Airfix F-117 tail fins. I haven't decided on the undercarriage yet, or paint scheme. I might choose yours!!" Can't wait to see the finished result...