Manufacturer: Lockheed

Model: unknown

Name: Twin Hercules

Type: Search & rescue transport

Date: 1982

Status: Operational service

Country: United States

Service: U.S. Coast Guard

Designation: HC-230


The U.S. Coast Guard procured two Lockheed Twin Hercules aircraft which it designated HC-230.


As usual, it simply takes sticking two identical pics and joining them in the middle by removing the unnecessary parts and recreating the ones that are new (in this case the horizontal tail). I guess I took the easy way out here since I didn't bother setting the aircraft onto a new background, which I often do...

Unfortunately, as I did in several other montages, I failed to keep the right number of engines on this one. Two four-engined aircraft put together ought to add up to one single eight-engined aircraft. But then I was always lousy at math...

Viewers' comments:
  • "Thumbs up!" (James)
  • "Wonderful picture of twin-Hercules! One more Zwilling to the collection!" (Tophe)

  • "Excellent work on the HC-230!" (Weaver)
  • "High quality!" (dy031101)
  • "One fuselage to be equipped as a gunship, and the other for delivering humanitarian supplies. All in one proven flexible airframe, an optimum solution for the mercurial (ie paranoid schizophrenic) despot who wishes to hand out leaden death and largesse in equal measure. Perhaps I should be writing copy for some defence corporate entity? Not sufficiently positive, I suppose. How about three engines and extended wings on the outer section, to give it the same power / weight ratio as a separate pair of Hercs?" (Roger the Cabin Boy)

My comments:

I may have a shot at modifying the Twin Herc into an enlarged, 8-engined behemoth... but later. Thanks for the remark, it is indeed underpowered.