Manufacturer: Lockheed

Model: unknown

Name: Super Galaxy

Type: Transport


Status: Operational

Country: United States

Service: U.S. Air Force

Designation: C-30A


Here's the Lockheed C-30A Super Galaxy, which came in very handy in Yugoslavia and Somalia to deliver relief aid or material (12 armed tanks or two fully assembled fighter aircraft could be carried), but also for mass paratrooper droppings (no less than 200 soldiers could jump in one single flight).


A six-engined Lockheed Galaxy with widened fuselage... Now that would be a beast of a cargo lifter, wouldn't it?

Below right is the photo I used as a starting point. The fuselage was beefed up considerably and the engines were changed and two more were added. A cloudy background was chosen to give a more dramatic effect. The final touch was the creation of the Super Galaxy logo, which reuses elements from various Lockheed documents.

Viewers' comments:
  • ça me rappelle le Antonov An-225 ^^ Chouette design en tout cas =D (ItalianDragon)
  • WOW!!! Ultra Big and Amazing! (theF-man)
  • this thing is pregnant (McNomad)
  • Wow!!! Let's see.. would this be the C-5 getting Arnold Swarzeneggerized or the USAF just HAD to have their own take on the Antonoov AN-225? Either way this is truly one supersized airlifter!!! Cool Work as always!!! :) (dinobatfan)
  • Working on my take of your C-30A Super Galaxy. (Mimikios)

My comments:

Maybe I should have called it the Pregnant Galaxy instead? I'm about to take up someone's challenge and work on the anorexic version now... :-D