Manufacturer: Lockheed

Model: unknown

Name: Aurora

Type: High altitude reconnaissance vehicle

Date: 1989

Status: Experimental

Country: United States

Service: U.S. Air Force

Designation: unknown


I simply took a photograph of the Antonov An-225 Mriya (below right) and an artist's concept of the alleged Lockheed Aurora, and put them one on top of the other (presented as an inset in the same image).

And this it is supposed to have been a temporarily lease of the An-225 to the U.S. military, the "Cossack" wears the temporary markings of the U.S. Air Force as well as the "Project Aurora" monicker on the side...

The unrealistic bit here is really in the leasing by Ukraine of the sole Mriya for a highly-classified U.S. military project!

Viewers' comments:
  • it looks like the baby of sr-71 (henrik9470)
  • When aliens invade, this is bound to happen =P (Specter5Productions)
  • This is just so mind blowingly awesome. :-) (edwardio1973)
  • Wow! This photograph proves it was not a journalist's dream but actual fact! (Tophe)
  • Stargazer, you possess magnificent sense of humour... (JazzTime)

My comments:

And so do you, guys! That's why I love sharing all that stuff with you!