Manufacturer: Kugisho (Yokosuka)

Model: unknown

Name: Kajiki

Type: Jet fighter-bomber

Date: 1945

Status: Project

Country: Japan

Service: Imperial Japanese Army

Designation: J2Y1


If built, the experimental Kugisho J2Y1 Kajiki ("swordfish") naval jet fighter-bomber would simply have been the most advanced combat aircraft of Imperial Japan.


The Kajiki was elaborated using the profile views of four unbuilt Japanese projects from the last months of World War II (see profiles below right):

- Kugisho R2Y2 Keiun (main undercarriage)
- Kugisho R2Y2 Keiun KAI (fuselage, wings and engines)
- Kyushu J7W2 Shinden KAI (nose, cockpit and wing-fin, now used as tail-fin)
- Rikugun Ki-93 (fin, modified)

Bad news is I accidentally saved the multi-layer version under a JPG extension and thereby lost all possibility to do more profiles on the same aircraft...

Viewers' comments:
  • Quite a lot of tail on that beast, she's certainly a somewhat interesting appearance of an aircraft, with the triple tail and such. (Sauragnmon)
  • Got a little bit of everything in there, eh? Looks good. (Robert)
  • Thanks for the Kajiki - an interesting aircraft! Maybe it looks a bit oversized, but still interesting. (redstar72)
  • With titanium lateral fins in the jet exhausts, this seems very possible, 1945 (or 2010, yes)... (Tophe2)
  • Great! I love the cockpit canopy. (CUTANGUUS)

My comments:

As one comment suggests, the Kajiki is probably also a bit overweight for the engines, and probably a little too big (hence my making it a fighter-bomber and no longer just a fighter...).