Manufacturer: Kocherigin

Model: unknown

Name: Glupysh / "Mat" (NATO codename)

Type: Transport


Status: Operational

Country: Soviet Union

Service: Soviet Air Force

Designation: Ko-3


The Kocherigyn Ko-3 Glupysh (Fulmar) was a large transport aircraft of the 1930s of unusual design.


I love it when a few tweaks and minor changes to an aircraft make it look like something not only totally different, but also of a completely different size.

The Glupysh was created using the British Martin-Baker M.B.3 fighter prototype as a basis and turning it into a much larger aircraft, a pre-war transport.

Tail shape and size have been altered, windows added, a new cockpit created, the dorsal spine reduced, and a turret-like window added on top to provide more light into the cabin. The original British markings were removed and replaced with Russian ones, however fictitious.

I'm not sure where I took the cockpit from but I think it was from an Ilyushin prototype. The dorsal turret was from an old U.S. bomber type, possibly a Douglas Bolo or something of the sort. I don't always keep track of all the sources (I know, I should...).

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