Manufacturer: Heston-Napier

Model: H.N.3

Name: none

Type: Racer


Status: Experimental

Country: Britain

Service: Royal Air Force

Designation: unknown


This imaginary pre-WWII British fighter prototype was created using a photo of the real-life Heston-Napier racer [link] as a basis. Only regret is the fake designation, which doesn't make sense (should have been Heston Type 7 or something like that).

Viewers' comments:
  • That is one pretty ship! (MercenaryGraphics)
  • Very nice!!!!! (pier-olin)
  • They built some pretty neat airplanes before WW2... Watch out Heinkel He-100 :lol: (perttime)
  • Gorgeous. (comradeloganov)
  • Now, this is a plane. Stick and rudder all the way. (HeroBen)
  • Great ! If only it could have succeed his first flight... A fighter why not :)  But where are the guns ??? (fasm24)

My comments: