Manufacturer: Henschel

Model: Hs 626

Name: Narwal

Type: Attack


Status: Experimental

Country: Germany

Service: Luftwaffe

Designation: Hs 626


An imaginary experimental aircraft of the wartime Luftwaffe made up of two existing Henschel designs blended into one (with the cockpit from a Messerschmitt Me 163 added for a more advanced look).

This pusher aircraft with contra-rotating propellers was meant to carry two target drones, one under each wing.

Henschel's logo is genuine. I just reworked it by enhancing the colors and contours.

Viewers' comments:
  • Now that is cool..... (jorel62)
  • Simple and elegant...I like it! (SomeRandomMinion)
  • nice layout, tandem winged or canard ? or somewhere in between ? (Tophe)

My comments: