Manufacturer: Heinkel

Model: He 311

Name: none

Type: Bomber-scout


Status: Project

Country: Germany

Service: Luftwaffe

Designation: (He 311)


A little something I did just for for fun... A biplane Heinkel 111, modified from existing artwork found on the web.

Hope to do a photomanip of it someday...
Viewers' comments:
  • With the two wings and serious superchargers HE311 might top 40,000ft. (finsrin)
  • bi-plane heinkel 311 :-D really nice ! :) (naturalbody)
  • That needs a couple of huge turboprops and some red stars.... Thumbs Up (pyro-manic)
  • That is crazy in a way I like! Blink (Go4fun)
  • The He-311 is nicely crazy... Will you dare to make a twin-fuselage He-311Z? (or He-611)

My comments:

I guess I wasn't crazy enough for a zwilling biplane, but Tophe took the matter in his own hands and actually produced a He 611 drawing! [link] Congrats Tophe, I couldn't have done better myself!